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Green Sand Aluminum Casting

In Torrey Foundry we work with green sand casting to manufacture a wide variety of aluminum products for many different industries. These green sand casting parts are high quality and cost effective. We are able to work with low cost structures, providing a high quality and cost efficient final product, lower than almost any other green sand aluminum casting manufacturers.

Type of mold used: Aluminum match plate, wood or plastic pattern.

Equipment used: Squeezers and Semiautomatic molding machines.


The matchplate is used to “print” the figure on the sand on 2 parts (cope and drag).

The matchplate is removed and the cope and drag are put together.

The aluminum is poured into the sand mold.

The sand is removed and the piece is ready to be cleaned and deburred.

Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting

Our permanent molds are handled using tilt pour machines. This technique reduces metal tumbling during the pour resulting in superior metal quality. This process is best suited for high production aluminum castings.

Type of mold used: Steel Molds (H12 and H13 are the most common).

Equipment used: Tilt pouring machines.


The steel mold has the impression of the piece. It is divided either horizontal or vertical in 2 pieces.

The 2 parts are closed together to pour the melted aluminum.

The aluminum is poured into the steel mold.

The piece is removed after opening the mold. Then it is ready to be cleaned and deburred.

Shell Core

We have experience producing high quality silica sand shell cores for different casting needs. 
The sand shell cores are manufactured using silica sand resin casted into an iron mold. This kind of core provides the best dimensional tolerance for this kind of process.