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Aluminum Casting Products & Parts

TORREY Foundry is an aluminum products manufacturer, that produces aluminum alloy castings and custom tooling with precision machining services. We also offer a full range of value-added services including engineering, pattern design and manufacture for sand casting, prototyping, testing, and after-sales support.

High Quality

We make sure our customers receive first quality aluminum products. The various aluminum castings we made go through a series of quality test performed in our laboratory.

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Founded in 1980 as FUNDICION TORREY S.A. de C.V. (FUTOSA), the company laid the foundations of Mexico´s modern industrial aluminum cast foundry era, and has continuously lead the field, not only from a technological standpoint, but also quality and service.

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Tooling Manufacture

We have an in-house modeling shop, computer design for prototyping and manufacture of wood, plastic, and aluminum patterns, which are professionally made according to your specifications. We have rapid prototyping capabilities that allow us to have a quick response to your aluminum product needs.

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Sand Aluminum Castings

We work with green sand casting to manufacture a wide variety of aluminum products for many different industries. These green sand casting parts are high quality and cost effective. We are able to work with low cost structures, providing a high quality and cost efficient final product, lower than almost any other green sand aluminum casting manufacturers.

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Shell Core Process

We have experience producing high quality silica sand shell cores for different casting needs. 
The sand shell cores are manufactured using silica sand resin casted into an iron mold. This kind of core provides the best dimensional tolerance for this kind of process.

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Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings

Our permanent molds are handled using tilt pour machines. This technique reduces metal tumbling during the pour resulting in superior metal quality. This process is best suited for high production aluminum castings.

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Prompt Deliveries

Do you need a quote or aditional information? Please feel free to ask any aditional information you need. Use our contact form, email us or contact us as you prefer.

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Tooling development In Torrey Foundry we have the capacity and experience to provide you high quality, cost efficient aluminum toolings. Years of experience with tooling development allow our customers to benefit from our knowledge and skills.

We invite you to quote your aluminum casting product with us, we have experience working with many different industries developing models, toolings, shell cores and patterns for permanent and sand aluminum casting. In Torrey aluminum foundry we will be very glad to work with you.